Welcome to Seabreeze Church

"A Place For You!"

 Our Purpose and Focus

Our purpose centers around three key words: KNOW, GROW and SHOW.

We exist to help people come to Know God through His Son Jesus Christ. We want them to have a relationship with Him that is real and personal. Once the relationship has been established we want them to Grow in that relationship through dependence on the Holy Spirit and discipleship. This Growth will then lead them to Show their love for God through Worship, Evangelism, Ministry and Missions.

We are a Kingdom Focused Church. This means that all we are about is His Kingdom. We are focused so we don't try to do everything. We seek His leadership and follow His direction. We are a Church, not a club or organization. The word church in the original language means a 'called out group'. As such, we are called by God to be His tools for the building of His Kingdom.


10321 75th St
Largo, FL 33777



Sunday Service Times

8:45 AM Missions Ground Cafe Opens

9:15 AM Small Group Bible Study

10:30 AM Worship Service

10:30 AM Harbor KIDZ Ministry




6:00 PM Youth Activities

6:15 PM Adult and Children's Fellowship Meal

7:00 PM Adult Bible Study, Children's Activities